How Do I Record The Sound?

Audio Devices

Settings before recording / Audio Devices

When recording using General recording, Video recording or Audio recording, you are needed to select the Audio device which will capture the sound. You can either choose to record computer sound or sound from microphone which must be connected. You will also have the choice to record both the Computer sound and Microphone Sound simultaneously.

  • On/Off

    Toggle switch to record any sounds or not

  • Computer Sound

    Record any system sounds from the computer

  • Microphone

    Record sounds from a microphone

  • Custom

    Record sounds with external line from an external device.

  • Option Button

    Show all enabled devices to record sounds to select

■ Start liteCam HD> Option> Audio Device

■ Finally, select a Device you want to record sound/audio from.

1. Toggle ON
2. Choose either Computer sound or Microphone
3. For Dual Recording select Computer sound in 2, then Tick Microphone input.

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