How Can I Upgrade From Free To Full Version?

There are two ways to upgrade liteCam HD from the free version, to the full version.


1. To upgrade within liteCam HD, you just need the license code you received when you purchased liteCam HD, which is sent to you via E-mail. To enter the code, you will need to do the following.

-Open liteCam HD

-Click on Settings, which is the transparent wheel in the top left-hand corner of the liteCam HD main window.

-Locate "Help," which is the last option in settings.

-Press "Register Product."


2. Another way to upgrade is to delete liteCam HD and re-install. Follow these steps.

-Uninstall the liteCam HD free version.

- Reboot your computer.

-Download and install liteCam HD 5.X , and enter the license code.

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