How Do I Install liteCam?

To install liteCam HD, please take the following steps:


■ Step 1: If you RUN the installation file, you will be prompted with the liteCam HD Installation Wizard as shown below.

Click “Next."


■ Step 2: You MUST select “I Accept the Term of the license agreement” to continue.

Click "Next."

■  Step 3: You will need to enter “User Name”, “Email Address” and “License Code”(16-digit code). The information you enter will be transmitted for program authorization after installation, therefore, you must provide correct information.

Click “Next."

NOTE: Internet connection is a must to authenticate liteCam HD.

Please make sure that you have access to


■ Step 4: Select the setup type you want to install.

You can select between “Complete” or “Custom” setup types.

Click "Next."


■ Step 5: Click Install.

NOTE: in case you want to change or review your installation settings, click “Back”.

■ Step 6: The Installation will be on-going.

Click “Cancel” to terminate the installation.


• Activation

■  Step 7: RSCC (RSUPPORT Screen Capture Codec) installation.

When installation has finished, a window will pop-up confirming that RSCC installation and registration has been completed. Click “OK” to close the window.


■ Step 8: Authorization page. Click "OK" to close the page.


■ Step 9: The Authorization has been completed.

Click "OK" to close the page.

• Encoder.

■ Step 10: Installing liteCam HD MP3 encoder (lame-enc.dll).




■ Step 11: liteCam HD installation is complete. Click Finish to close the installation wizard.




LAME Installation.

 Lame is a High Quality MPEG Audio layer III (3) encoder.

To have an MP3 option or to save or convert audio to MP3 format, Lame encoder MUST be installed on your computer.

- During installation, you will see a dialog box which will prompt you to install the MP3 encoder (Lame).

- Click “OK” to be directed to a website where you can download the Lame file.

Download the zip file and extract it.

Copy and paste the “lame_enc.dll file” to the folder below (in case you didn’t change liteCam HD directory) C:\Program Files\RSupport\liteCam HD Folder.

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